Pink Martini Collection; Pop Art Culture Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Pink Martini Collection; Pop Art Culture Halloween Make-up Tutorial is super easy for you and also fun, you really don’t need much to spend.  Yay!!…  for Halloween and its is just around the corner, we have been really getting anxious this month. Creating Pop Art on the face is really not complicated, all you need are the basics such as bright lipstick & eyeshadow, eye liner, fake eyelashes and the popular Snazaroo colour face makeup that you can purchase.

Here is a step by step guide for you to follow. First you need to pull out your eyeliner and follow these photos for example.


To start Pop Culture Make-up by creating a black outline around your facial features on your face using eyeliner ink.  (outline nose, lips, eyebrows, jawline, forehead and ears)


To continue using a bright eyeshadow to contour your eyelids, drawing cat eyes with your black eyeliner ink and then placing fake eyelashes to create that dramatic pop eyelash image.pop-culture-art_C

Last of this wonderful make-up technique is brightening your lips with lipstick and making a white reflection mark on the bottom of the lip. Then here comes the rad red dots to add all over your face…you can use Snazaroo colour makeup for this last step.


If you find this guide complicated you can always go to this video below:


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