Pink Martini Collection-Stay Warm Girls!

Many people attribute the inception of the ‘military look’ to celebs such as Kate Moss, and Rachel Bilson who inspired flocks of women to adopt the style. Personally, I believe the concept has always been lingering-especially prompted by the band Coldplay’s album X & Y-released in 2005.Pink Martini Collection cannot get enough of this classic look. It is timeless, strong and the lines are feminine. The military look, can be adapted and adopted to continuously produce something fantastic. We particularly like the buttons, and rich presentation of our jacket, above-featured in boiled wool. Alison Pigden, MTV Wardrobe stylist told me that Sharlene Chiu-Reporter & Producer for MTV News, cannot stop wearing this piece. Why would she? So lush, warm, and functional this coat can be worn anywhere.

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