Want to win a Mercedes-Benz lease for a year?


If you’re a ‘Pink Martini woman’ chances are this is pretty alluring, and I mean let’s be honest-it is for anyone. Being someone who personally needs time to train for a 10k run, I thought I’d  be a sweet-pea and give you all the news just in case you haven’t hit the treadmill for your daily 10k recently. Well, if you’re like me and deem yourself to be the sporty & athletic type (even though running 3.5 K seems like more than enough) you may be able to amp this up to 10 K with the prospect of winning a Mercedes-Benz B-class lease for 1 year.

The event is the Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10 K presented by New Balance and organized by City Chase-InField Marketing group. Taking place on May 8th 2011, the event offers a 10K run or power-walk (5K is also an option) and provides proceeds to United Way Oakville. On that note, I will not be upset if those who choose the power-walk bring their 1980’s body suits and sweat bands-it is very fitting after all. This year will be a success with anticipation of more than 2000 participants, and has the Oakville community buzzing. When you think of Toronto as the GTA, Oakville really isn’t too far-so gear up your runners and grab your hottest running apparel because not only do you have the chance to win a sweet car but Pink Martini Collection has partnered with InField Marketing Group to provide leading runners with gorgeous pieces from our spring 2011 collection. Because having a little silk dress on while you hop into your Mercedes isn’t cliché, it’s just plain cute.

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