Pink Martini Collection & The Oh So Cosmo Show

Last week, I had one of those weekends when nothing was going on. My friend and I had made plans to go to dinner and she cancelled. It was snowing like crazy and my boyfriend was out doing his thing. Initially, I was kind of bummed about it. What was I going to do? But then I stopped, haulted by a realization: “Eureka! (I thought to myself) This is a perfect ME night!”. If it sounds self-absorbed that is because that is exactly what it is.

What is a ME night? Well, it is obviously personal but my ME night involves a pedicure, bath, laundry, nice dinner and girly movie. This is when I am the most grateful for Cosmopolitan TV. I can always rely on something I love being on that channel: Sex & the City, When Harry Met Sally…or if I’m lucky… the Oh So Cosmo show (Wednesday nights).

This is why I’m so excited to have Pink Martini Collection collaborating with Cosmopolitan TV to provide clothing for the Oh So Cosmo show.

Keep your eyes peeled on Josie Dye (featured above), and Jacqui Skeete( featured below)- the bright, sassy, and sexy hosts of the Oh So Cosmo, as they will be hosting wearing Pink Martini Collection in a plethora of future episodes.

Julia Seidl (featured in photo below), Stylist for the Oh So Cosmo show will be a guest blogger with us starting next week and will be featuring both pictures of Josie & Jacqui in Pink Martini outfits from filming on the show as well as styling tips. We will learn from a Stylist who has worked in the fashion industry in television, print, and online mediums for years- as she explores her experience in using our garments on TV. Julia will show us how to style & accessorize Pink Martini pieces so that you acheive a sexy look fit for any ‘cosmo girl’.

Did I mention you will also soon be able to watch these episodes on our blog!?!

Cosmopolitan TV, is licensed from Cosmopolitan Magazine, and like the ‘mag’ focuses on sex, relationships, fashion, and beauty.

Above photo: Jacqui Skeete (Host of Oh So Cosmo), and Julia Seidl (Stylist & founder of

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