Pink Martini Collection with Star Peyton List





That is at least what Peyton believes and tells her fans. As the young lady is keeping busy with her family, Bff ‘s and film, she manages to keep up with her social online followers. No matter where the time and setting taking place, her selfies, having fun with loved ones or practicing her scripts, she constantly pulls thru to keep her 1.8m instagram followers updated in her fab lifestyle.

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Peyton is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and currently preparing for her upcoming big scene movie The Outskirts. Today her stardom is rising straight to the top. Peyton also is learning how to play the guitar with the hope of being a part of the music scene one day. Her ambitions also include finishing college one day, class by class with the desire to graduate.

 Peyton List  is featured in GL Magazine wearing our black skirt “Ashes to Ashes” you can find this hot item at Pink Martini Collection under New Arrivals this fall 2014. No matter what destination she will conquer; there is one thing for sure …she will never give up until she reaches the top.

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