Pink Martini Collection with Warhol Mania

Pink Martini Collection with Warhol Mania goes to Montreal this winter starting November 6 to March 15, 2015 located at the trendy Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Andy Warhol as a leader in the Pop Art Movement, as a advertising genius his artistic gift creating brilliant posters to sell products and promote them for causes and events. This event has chosen to share with the public a collection of his graphic design work of posters and thousands of illustrations found in hundreds of vintage magazines.

All the posters in the exhibition are commissioned from Andy, therefore the original real deals….


In his mid-career, after 1964 is when he actually finally started receiving commissions for his poster work, which then gave him a start to his identity and famous life. The pop posters fall into three main categories such as consumer products music stars and events. Keith Haring who considered Warhol as his mentor was always inspired by his posters.


“When I started out, art was going down the drain. The people who used to do magazine illustrations and the covers were being replaced by photographers. And when they started using photographers, I started to show my work with galleries.”









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