Pink Martini in Special Edition Wedding issue for LouLou Magazine

LouLou Magazine is launching a Special Edition Weddings Issue this February 2nd (Wednesday) and it is bound to melt the most romantically-cynical of hearts.

Pink Martini Collection will have three garments featured in the issue as essential pieces for wedding attendees or bride’s maids.

We all know that getting ready for weddings can be somewhat stressful. There is the hair, the make-up, shoes, bag, jewellery and yes…the dress.  It’s not like we are the ones getting hitched but it’s the idea of coupledom and romance that can make the most armoured temperaments ready to swoon.

Even if you’re the most fashionable woman on the planet there’s no doubt that a few pointers from the LouLou crew will make you more strategic dress hunting this season. So come on, strategize with the Pink Martini team as we woo you with three gorgeous pieces from our spring 2011 collection in LouLou’s Special Edition Wedding Issue this Feb 2nd.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart this Wednesday and check us out online at here.

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