Pink Martini on the Spinsterish Blog

Recently, Pink Martini Collection was featured on the beauty blog Spinsterish. This time it wasn’t merely our clothing that caught the attention of beauty writer Rebecca Perrin, but it was the ‘baby-doll’ make-up application we used in our spring 2011 photo shoot.

Here, we concentrated on accentuating the eyes with smokey eye shadow and keeping the rest of the Meredith’s face neutral.

In fashion, it’s a known trick to use colours on the face of the model that are flattering to the palette chosen for your collection. Our spring line is rich in jewel tones and neutrals so when Meredith (the oh-so-awesome model) came into the studio for her shoot we knew it would be crucial to highlight these key factors with make-up.

In this industry we are all artists looking for a creative outlet and finding our way through colour, design, and textile pairings. The Spinsterish is a blog I like because the writer, Rebecca Perrin, takes all the ties between the fashion & make-up industries and weaves them together flawlessly.

So the question becomes: “Does my eye shadow match my shirt?” 

Think about it.

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