Q & A With Janet Tieu of TorontoStyles

Q & A With Janet Tieu of TorontoStyles

1. What is your job role/title?  Currently a freelance graphic designer and contributor to TorontoStyles blog.

2. How did you get involved in fashion?

TorontoStyles was created two years ago to document fashion events around the city, but the site recently underwent a concept change and we now collect design materials within the Canadian fashion industry. In the end, the contributors are I are designers and artists, not journalists.

 3. Describe your personal style: My style is colourful yet comfy but reflects the mood I’m in.

 4. Favourites:

 Shoe Designer? I just wear whatever I think is nice.

Restaurant? I love sushi! District on Queen East has great rolls.

Coffee Shop? I don’t drink coffee. (What!?! How can this be!? Lol)

Movie? My latest favourite movie is Black Swan but Little Miss Sunshine always has a soft spot in my heart.

Book? Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

Day of the week? Friday!

Guilty Pleasure? Green tea ice cream.

 5. Why do you love your job? Any ‘pet-peeves’ in the fashion industry? I love my job because I’m creating designs for other people and get to help entrepreneurs start their businesses. I love everything and anything that allows me to be creative.

6. What inspires you/Who inspires you? My parents inspire me to do more and be more. They started their lives in Canada with nothing and have dedicated their lives to providing a comfortable lifestyle for my brother and I.

7. If you could give our readers your top personal fashion tip-what would
it be?
If you have an 8 shape (like me), fitted shirts and waist belts are your best friend. Loose clothing adds 20 pounds to my figure.

8. What draws you to Pink Martini Collection as a label?Love how the pieces emphasize the personality of the wearer of Pink Martini Collection, because they are fun and stylish. Pink Martini Collection has really nice fitted blazers (ex: The Bloor St. Blazer) and that is hard to find these days.

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