See you at the crossroads.

Road trip anyone?

Ride into fall 2014 this year with our Pink Martini Collection but take is easy with our gorgeous Crossroads Black & White coat.  A dual color patterned coat most likely to catch an eye or glimpse from someone or anyone. Life is a highway ……

From Toronto, New York to Atlanta or Montreal this coat made with warmth and comfort. We love to travel and be influenced by the latest trends from worldwide. A fashionable road trip that is a memory of a lifetime will make you feel that confident and cool person you are. Look great in any major city while perfect for a girls night out too. Don’t forget to pair this exotic design with a touch of a preppy bottom and top. You can view our Pink Martini Collection for future updates and pairing with this favourite coat of ours.

Take a journey into the sunset with new arrivals of our designs for fall collection 2014.



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