Style Evolution: Vanessa Hudgens

Who would have thought that a former Disney star would be doing the chill boho thing years before any of us? We had so much fun researching Vanessa Hudgens’ style evolution from sugary-sweet High School Musical starlet to edgy fashion maven.

Check it out below:

2006 – Sweet and girly:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2006

Vanessa’s style in 2006 was super feminine and pretty teenybopper. Fresh off of the worldwide success of High School musical, she was instantly launched into tween-world superstardom. For the Teen Choice Awards, she opted for a body-hugging pink dress – very Legally Blonde! At the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, she opted for an age-appropriate floral tunic, perhaps the first sign of the boho looks to come in future years. At High School Musical’s U.K. premiere, the teen starlet looked like she would blend in at any prom (okay, she would obviously be the most gorgeous girl there, but she’d definitely be appropriately dressed.

2007 – Grown-up glamour:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2007

In 2007, Vanessa’s style was still very feminine, but also a bit more sophisticated. The slinky red dress she wore to the High School Musical premiere with pinned-up hair seemed to be an effort to show that she was more than just a tween star. The gold dress she wore to the American Music Awards was equally glam. We got a taste of the beginnings of her bohemian style at Variety’s Power of Youth Event, where she dressed up a black top and basic jeans with a Pocahontas braid, a long necklace and fringed boots.

2008 – So many scarves:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2008

In 2008, Vanessa went through a major scarf phase. Whether she was pairing them with a cute top and flared pants in coordinating colours or with the 2000s’ ever-present sweatpants and Uggs, she couldn’t get enough. Meanwhile, on the red carpet, she was letting her inner haute-hippie out in a snake-print dress and wooden bangles at High School Musical 3’s German premiere.

2009 – Rocker chick:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2009

2009 was the first time in years that Vanessa didn’t have a new High School Musical movie coming out. It was a time of transition in both her life and wardrobe. On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, she was as glamorous as ever in a shimmering pink gown. But in her personal life, she began embracing more of a laidback, rocker aesthetic, with omnipresent ripped white jeans and graphic tees.

2010 – Embellished mini dresses:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2010

In 2010, V-Hudge ditched the long gowns for pretty, free-spirited minis with sparkly embellishment, rocking them at both a Golden Globes party and the MTV movie awards. Her street style retained its rocker edge, with Vanessa spotted in L.A. wearing a black tank and trendy leopard-print pants.

2011 – Bohemian babe:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2011

While Vanessa didn’t really go boho on the red carpet this year – her sparkly silver dress at an Oscar viewing party was pretty much the opposite of bohemian – she fully embraced a boho aesthetic in her downtime, rocking a retro, patterned maxi skirt with tons of silver jewellery while out and about in Studio City and going full boho at Coachella, complete with feather hair extensions.

2012 – Hippie-dippie:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2012

2012 was another very bohemian year for Vanessa – little did she know that we’d all be coveting her style come 2015! She communed with nature in a floral tank and sheer maxi skirt, and ran errands in a drapey crop top and some truly ’70s palazzo pants. Weirdly, her red-carpet style this year remained very pulled-together and wasn’t really boho in the least – the elegant A-line dress she wore to the Venice Film Festival was typical of her formal looks that year.

2013 – Seventies sophistication:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2013

Vanessa embraced the ’70s aesthetic in a more sophisticated, modern way this year. Her sequined dress at a Golden Globes party was pure disco fab. At the BBC Radio 1 studio, she paired a vintage-inspired top with a contemporary pair of pants and a sleek topknot. At Italy’s Ischia Film Festival, her lacey crop top and crinoline skirt were a more pulled-together take on her typical free-spirited look.

2014 – High-fashion grunge:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2014

In 2014, Vanessa took more fashion risks, in a laidback, borrowed-from-the-boys way. Her whole aesthetic was a nod to the ’90s.  She also changed her hair a lot, with her mane morphing from long, blonde and blue locks to a red-tinged bob to a sleek, ombre style. For a trip to Disneyland, she wore a polka-dot statement hoodie with platform sneakers, while she opted for a statement cap over an all-black ensemble while out and about in L.A. At a Flaunt magazine party, she kept the nineties look going, accessorizing with a choker and dark, purpley lipstick.

2015 – Edgy and elegant:

Vanessa Hudgens' style in 2015

With her move to New York for her turn on Broadway in Gigi, Vanessa’s daredevil style has taken a turn for the more sophisticated. While she still wears a lot of crazy things – Overalls! Cat ears! – she looks more pulled-together than ever by pairing her edgier pieces with stylish camel coats and grey suede boots.

We can’t wait to see what Vanessa will be wearing next!

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