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Pink Martini Clothing's clothing rack showcasing our summer sale

There is nothing crazier than a huge summer sale! All items that we’ve been looking at, but just could not justify the price, are now on a cannot-be-ignored markdowns. See all of those items? Mostly on sale. Check out later on the summer for further markdowns. Those one-of-a-kind printed shorts or tops, like the flamingo prints or the floral tops in Salsa Black / Salsa Violet / or in Kumtra throw, have been so much creating buzz all summer long.

Printed letter graphics showcasing percentage off

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing an item you have been eyeing all season priced down. It may only be the third week of July and we don’t ever want to think about summer ending, but our summer sale is way too exciting.

Remember to enter in our style contest to win a $400 wadrobe! 
Pink Martini Collection would love to dress up a lucky customer to stock up their closet with our vintage-inspired collection! You only need to do these very easy steps: 1) Subscribe to our email list, if you’re not already. 2) Submit your photo through our website (or you can do it through Instagram or Twitter @mypinkmartini #pinkmartinistyle). And… that’s it! Contest ends August 5th, 2014. So, take advantage of this sweet giveaway.

Collage of Pink Martini Collection models showcasing all the summer markdowns

Photos and Blog post by Sarah Angela Nacario

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