The 10 best fashion Instagram accounts to follow

If reading a fashion blog is like talking to a friend, perusing someone’s Instagram account is like hanging out with your BFF. Instagram offers an intimate look at cool people’s lives. The best fashion Instagram accounts to follow belong to editors, illustrators and even brands, but they all have one thing in common – they’ll inspire you to put together cool outfits and live a beautiful life. (Well, except for the last one – you’ll see when you get to it!)

1. @barbiestyle

Barbie's Instagram account

We promise, this official Barbie account is NOT just for kids. Think of Barbie as a cool fashion blogger in miniature. She wears one-of-a-kind outfits, travels around the globe (she seriously does, those aren’t just backdrops) and her hair is always Pinterest-worthy. You don’t have to tell anyone that your fashion icon is only 11.5 inches tall. ;)

2. @chiaraferragni


There’s a reason why fashion blogging has made Chiara Ferragni a millionaire. Her sense of style is AMAZING. Her Instagram account showcases her killer outfits as well as her fabulous life (just checking out the issue of Vogue Spain with herself on the cover, no big deal).

3. @schonmagazine


This British indie mag’s account is crazy inspiring. Follow for avant-garde fashion photography from the magazine’s latest issues.

4. @jennymwalton


Parsons grad Jenny Walton’s slightly abstract fashion illustrations are out of this world.  A bit of an Instagram celeb in the fashion illustration world, she’s landed gigs scribbling for top magazines. Her account is a mix of her original art and scenes from her life.

5. @mypinkmartini


We couldn’t resist tooting our own horn! If you’re not following us on Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? We post inspiring images of Pink Martini Collection clothes like you’ve never seen them before – often folded creatively or paired with cute accessories. It’ll put a smile on your face!

6. @manrepeller


Leandra Medine, founder of the Man Repeller blog, is known for her humorous take on fashion. Expect beautiful pictures of clothing accompanied by laugh-out-loud captions.

7. @mduenasjacobs


Into accessories? Then this account is a must-follow! Maria Dueñas Jacobs is the accessories director of Elle, and basically no one knows this season’s accessories like she does. Think pictures of ear cuffs from cutting-edge new designers,  the latest Alexander Wang boots, and diamonds galore!

8. @anna_dello_russo


As if #ootds from fashion legend Anna Dello Russo are going to be anything less than inspiring! A chance to virtually tag along on Anna’s vacations and peek into her closet? We’re in!

9. @nadiacoolrista


Want to see drawings that look like photographs? This artist’s illustrations are so good that you’ll swear her subjects (who include Natasha Poly wearing Isabel Marant, Twiggy and Kate Moss) are standing in front of you.

10. @fashiondads_


This account probably won’t inspire anything but tons of laughter, which is why we love it. The premise is basically “what if (unfashionable) dads described their outfits like fashion bloggers?” An example: “I’m looking chic and sharp in my #StJohnsBay khaki flat-front shorts and patterned button-down from the #Sears resort collection.” You can even submit a pic of your own dad!

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