The Aphrodite Dress


Aphrodite is the name referring to the Greek Goddess of love, beauty & prowess.

The story goes, that ‘way back when’ the Greek God known as Cronus, had a violent encounter with his acquaintance known as Greek God Uranus, and threw a “part” of Uranus’s body into the sea. (Which part I will leave up to Wikipedia to reveal because it’s a little too racy for Pink Martini)

Subsequently, from the sea, grew the ever-striking Aphrodite whose beauty created such a stir that the Gods feared it would start war amongst each other.

 To abolish any possibility of war between them, the Gods married Aphrodite, off to Greek God Hephaestus, whom they referred to as “lame”. A man no worthy God could be envious of personally, or have jealous rage over their relationship. -Really nice right?

Sounds just peachy.

So, the moral of the story is: if you are very beautiful you may be forced into arranged marriage with a man that is “lame”???


 The moral of the story is that our dress The Aphrodite  inherits the name because of its attractive quality and Grecian-inspired design. Trust me; if you wear it you could start a war among men too! (Perfect for a night on the town with the girls.)

Available this Spring 2011 in Cream & Violet.


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