The fashion terminology every girl shopping online must know

Shopping online is awesome – how else could you nab a whole new wardrobe from the comfort of your room? – but it comes with some challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the exact cut or fit of an item when you can’t try it on or see it in person. However, this can be remedied by learning the fashion terminology online stores use to describe items. This can help you glean some extra information about the styles you love, so you’re not surprised by what shows up at your door.


This is a skirt or dress that’s literally shaped like the letter “A” – narrow at the top and flared outward at the bottom.


Our Look of Love Skirt

Look of Love Skirt A/S


This is a piece of decorative fabric that’s added to a piece of clothing. For instance, a ribbon or bow sewn on to a shirt would be an appliqué.


Our Maya Top in White

Pink Martini Collection Maya Top in White

Fit and flare

This is a style of dress that’s really popular because it looks flattering on EVERYONE. Basically, it features a fitted bodice paired with a full, A-line skirt.


Our Emerald Dress in Blue Floral

Pink Martini Collection Emerald Dress in Blue Floral


Also known as culottes, these are loose-fitting pants that fall below the knee but above the ankle. Check out how to wear them.


Our Sabrina Gaucho in Black

Pink Martini Collection Sabrina Gaucho in Black

Sheath dress

This is a simple, fairly straight up and down dress. Unlike a shift dress, which flares outward slightly at the bottom, a sheath dress’s hemline is about as wide as its bust.


Our Lucia Dress in White

Pink Martini Collection Lucia Dress in White

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