Then and Now: The Off-White Cardigan

Then: In this August 1995 spread for Marie Claire, shot by Fabrizio Ferri, model Georgina Grenville lounges in a mostly-unbuttoned off-white cardigan and a gauzy skirt in a pretty shade of pinky-purple. Her wavy hair is casually tied into pigtails, her feet clad in flip-flops. Basically, she’s a total nineties bohemian babe. We’re pretty sure this spread is from that time during the nineties when everyone wanted to dress like it was the seventies, which is appropriate, because now it’s 20 years later and everyone wants to dress like it’s the seventies again.

Then and Now: The Off-White Cardigan

Now: Our Starboard Cardigan in Off-White would look amazing casually thrown on over a pretty maxi skirt. But might we suggest upgrading from the boring flip flops to a pair of amazing gladiator sandals?

Pink Martini Collection Starboard Cardigan in Off-White

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