Two cute summer office outfits

Dressing for the office in the summer can be a drag. When the sun’s blazing outside, it can be all-too tempting to roll up to the office in your favourite little sundress, or a pair of denim cutoffs and that T-shirt you got from running a 5K a couple months ago.

But if you want to look professional and move forward in your career (even if you work in a casual environment), you have to look pulled-together, even in the summertime.

These cute summer office outfits will help you look chic without putting a damper on your sunny summer spirit.

Outfit Option 1: Light-Weight, Long-Sleeved Dress

Pink Martini Collection Anouk Dress

A bohemian dress like our Anouk Dress is appropriate for even the most uptight office, because it’s in a neutral colour palette and has a more conservative, less bulky silhouette than most of this summer’s boho dresses. And its long, lightweight sleeves will keep you feeling cool in the outdoor heat but warm in the dreaded office air-conditioning.

Outfit Option 2: Pencil Skirt and Short-Sleeved Blouse

Pink Martini Collection Kelly Top and Summer Romance Skirt

A short-sleeved top that’s not made of T-shirt material can be your sartorial savior this summer. It’ll save you from sweating in the blazing heat, while still looking office-appropriate. A collarless style like our Kelly Top looks super modern. Pair it with that all-weather office staple, the pencil skirt. A light coloured-style like our Summer Romance Skirt, adds a bit of extra summer spirit.

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