Top five weirdest looks from the 2015 Grammys red carpet

The Grammys just might have the wackiest red carpet of any of the mainstream awards shows. While the Oscars red carpet is a sedate collection of tasteful beige gowns, the Grammys crowd is a wild array of crazy colours and cuts. Here are the absolute weirdest looks from the 2015 Grammys red carpet. Keep in mind that weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad! We totally <3 some of these looks! (Others, not so much…)

5. Rihanna in Giambattista Valli

Rihanna at the Grammys

Rihanna looks like a 1980s Barbie in this oversized, tiered gown in bold pink. This dress could easily overpower a lesser starlet, but Rihanna has the attitude to pull it off.

4. Jenny Lewis in Talula for Aritzia

Jenny Lewis at the Grammys

In a rainbow suit, star-print boots and oversized sunglasses, Jenny looks like the hot girl version of a cheesy Vegas lounge lizard. (You can decide for yourself whether or not this is a good thing.) And props to her for rocking a Canadian designer! How about making it Pink Martini Collection next time?

3. Charli XCX in Moschino

Charli XCX at the Grammys

If Rihanna is 1980s Barbie, Charli XCX is totally Ken. Seriously.

2. Sia and Maddie Ziegler in Armani Prive

Sia and Maddie Ziegler at the Grammys

Reclusive starlet Sia and her protégé Maddie Ziegler showed up to the Grammys in matching black outfits and giant (in Sia’s case, face-obscuring) wigs. If you look closely, you can see that both have writing on their hands. (One of Maddie’s hands says “Whatever, dude.”)

1. Madonna in Givenchy Couture

Madonna at the Grammys

What, like you thought Madonna was going to show up in a classic LBD? No way! The queen of pop let her vibrant personality shine through in a crazy matador get-up. It’s definitely not what we’re going to be wearing when we’re 56, but we wouldn’t expect Madge to wear anything else.

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