Q & A with Helena Brown

Helena Brown is a Vintage Queen.

So does her store co-founder & friend, Jodee Aguillon.After years of working to launch & manage stores for American Apparel, the duo realized they were working incredibly hard…but for other people.Taking their dedication & experience in the industry, they launched Pretty Freedom-a vintage clothing store in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Each day, the pair gather together to live, eat, sleep and breathe all things fashion & artsy in their beautifully created time-capsule filled with wicked finds from our past.The team at Pink Martini Collection loves their flare for the creative, and understanding of vintage trends.

You can check out Helena’s interview below. She also provides her view on Pink Martini! Thanks Helena!


1) What is your favorite thing about your job? I got to create something from nothing, and everyday I never know what is going to happen or who I’ll meet.  It’s never dull!

2) What drives you to be involved in this wonderful world of Fashion/Art/Design?…..(Clearly she loves it)….

3) What inspires you/Who inspires you? Hard working entrepreneurs, they are the people that take risks to create jobs and drive the economy.  Oh and Grace Kelly and Bridget Bardot.

4) What is the greatest thing about being involved in Fashion? The endless colours, patterns and textures.

5) As a customer, what is it that customers want? A shopping experience, they want to be visually stimulated, have great customer service and find that piece that makes them feel hot.

6) If you could give our readers your top personal fashion tip-what would it be? Dress better than you feel!

7) Favorites

– Shoe Designer?: Hermes for their boots classy and timeless.

Restaurant?: New Generation Sushi, I’m literally there every week.

Coffee Shop? Ezra’s Pound, best soy lattes!

Movie? Funny Face and Casablanca.

Book? Wurthering Heights, I love a good twisted romance.

Day of the week? Monday’s (I know its weird)

8) What draws you to Pink Martini Collection as a label? It is effortless and feminine, I love the different prints and fabrics and how they all seamlessly work together.


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