What to wear when it’s 10 degrees Celsius

What to wear when it’s 10 degrees Celsius

Brrr! It’s definitely fall in Toronto, with temperatures dipping down to 10 or lower. Needless to say, we’ve been searching for some great cold-weather fashion inspo. Here are some great options we’ve found for what to wear when it’s 10 degrees Celsius.

A faux fur jacket and leather-look pants:


Okay, one upside of the weather getting colder is that we can finally break out the faux fur! Aw yeah! A lot of faux fur coats are much lighter than real fur coats, ensuring that they can keep you feeling comfy in fall weather. The contrast between a faux-fur topper and leathery pants, as seen on Austrian blogger Deea, looks super cool.

A denim jacket over a cozy cardi:

A heavy sweater + a lightweight coat, as seen on this German blogger = the perfect amount of warmth for 10-degree weather. And denim is so on trend right now.

A wool coat and floppy hat:

Manuella Lupascu

Fall and wool coats were made for each other, at least in chillier climates. A floppy hat made from a heavier material, as seen on Romanian blogger Manuella Lupascu, will keep your head warm and delay you from having to break out your toque for at least a few more weeks!

A moto jacket, a long cardi and a blanket scarf:

Katia Nikolajew

Ten degrees is basically the perfect temperature for playing around with layers. Go ahead, have fun with it, like Montreal blogger Katia Nikolajew does here.

Our Michelle Jacket in Black is a perfect all-season moto jacket that’ll help you achieve the layered look of your dreams. (Or are we the only ones who dream about layered looks?)

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