Woman Crush Wednesday: Anna Dello Russo

There are street style stars and then there’s Anna Dello Russo, the woman who launched a thousand camera flashes. The editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan is known for her wild, straight-off-the-runway looks. She’s been (totally accurately) described by fashion photography legend Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac.”

Below are our five fave ADR outfits of all time:

1. Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week:

Anna Dello Russo

This is probably the most Anna Dello Russo thing Anna has ever worn. From the cheetah-print cherry headpiece to the spangly gold and silver dress, this is excess at its best.

2. Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo November 2011

Anna Dello Russo

ADR looks like a cool ’70s chick in this fun outfit. We love the juxtaposition of the furry collar against the shiny chartreuse skirt.

3. Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo

Anna’s a vision in this laser-cut, feathery Louis Vuitton frock. She expertly accessorizes with pointy-toed heels and a Vuitton umbrella.

4.  Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo

Anna looks like a very stylish ostrich in a puff of marabou. We’re not hating – we wish we could be stylish ostriches too!

5. Fall 2014 Milan Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo

When ADR wears a designer, she wears them head-to-toe. Less than a day after Moschino’s fast-food inspired collection hit the runway, Anna had already gotten her hands on the sweater dress, purse and phone case. You’ve got to admire her speed.

Channel your inner Anna in our A Stone Cold Jacket in Blue.

Our A Stone Cold Jacket in Blue is totally Anna Dello Russo worthy!

Okay, so what if you love it, but you’re not so sure you want to spend? Just imagine what Anna would do. In a video for Moda Operandi, she once said she never lets a cute item of clothing go unpurchased. “I missed so many boyfriends, but not outfits, darling,” she cooed.


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