Woman Crush Wednesday: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is one of those girls you kind of want to hate. Not only is she so gorgeous that she literally played Helen of Troy, but she’s been dating former teen heartthrob Joshua Jackson for nearly a decade. Yet that all pales in comparison to her covetable wardrobe. The German model-turned-actress is unafraid to take fashion risks, and indeed seems to delight in wearing all things daring. Her outfits look like they came straight from the couture runways and her hair is always perfect.

As much as we envy Diane’s life, we’ll call a truce if she agrees to lend us some of those clothes!

Below are some of Diane’s outfits that we’re obsessing over.

At the Golden Globes, January 2005

Diane Kruger, January 2005

As a relative unknown in the acting world at the time, with only a few major roles under her belt, you may expect Diane to dress to blend in at a major awards show. However, the starlet has never been one to shy away from interesting wardrobe choices. She looks like a Greek goddess in this midriff-revealing outfit.

At a party in London, June 2006

Diane Kruger, June 2006

As much as Diane loves crazy clothes, she proves here that basic doesn’t have to mean boring. This bias-cut white gown may be simple, but it’s so beautiful that we guarantee all eyes were on her.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, January 2007

Diane Kruger, January 2007

Diane manages to make this crazy half-and-half gown look like a total classic, thanks to her swept-up hair and simple shoes.

At a West Hollywood event, October 2009

Diane Kruger, October 2009

Many a quirky girl has paired a button down with a bowtie before, to the point where the look is basically a cliché. But this bow blouse is something completely different. Diane looks utterly cool in a relatively simple outfit.

At Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, January 2011

Diane Kruger, January 2011

Diane is the epitome of sophistication in this glamorous dress.  Its tan shade perfectly complements her skin tone.

At a fashion event in Paris, June 2012

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, June 2012

With its mauve hue and menswear-inspired lapels, Diane’s outfit looks like it was inspired by an ’80s Ken doll – and we LOVE it!

At a fashion event in Los Angeles, May 2013

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, May 2013

Diane looks like a cool 1980s California girl in this sporty outfit. The crop top shows off her toned midriff, but our favourite part of the look is the multicoloured, sporty pants.

At a charity event, January 2014

Diane Kruger, January 2014

All-over floral is often an overtly girly look, but Diane makes the print look sporty-cool in a top with sheer details over coordinating pants.

In New York, March 2015

Diane Kruger, March 2015

Because Diane isn’t hounded by the paparazzi on the same level as, say, Kim Kardashian, photos of her street style are way rarer than red carpet shots. We love knowing that she’s super stylish even when she’s not posing for a sea of photographers. That denim midi skirt is totally a nod to this season’s ’70s trend.

At the Cannes Film Festival, May 2015

Diane Kruger, May 2015

Can we be cheesy and say that this look is out of this world? A star and planet-bedecked mini dress is always a do.

We think high-fashion-loving Diane would look fabulous in our Anouk Dress in Black Floral – and we think you would, too!

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