Woman Crush Wednesday: Elle Fanning

At just shy of 17 years old, Elle Fanning (Dakota’s little sis) is our youngest ever Woman Crush Wednesday. At an age where most of us were wearing terrible jeans and Abercrombie logo tees, she’s a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Elle seems to be genuinely passionate about fashion. In a 2013 interview, she framed being stylish as an after-school activity, saying, “At night, after homework, I check out what’s going on in the fashion world.”

Here are her 10 best style moments ever:

At the premiere of Somewhere, September 2010

Elle Fanning

Can we just point out that Elle was 12 in this photo? We were SO not that fashionable at 12. This aqua and blue dress looks beautiful with her colouring, and coordinates perfectly with the gold shoes.

At LAX, May 2011

Elle Fanning

Is Elle a fashion psychic? In this 2011 picture she’s rocking two of 2015’s big trends – the 1970s-style dress and the varsity jacket.

At the Hollywood Film Awards Gala, October 2011

Elle Fanning

Elle looks just like a china doll in this gown. The ornate pattern is toned down by the neutral shade, ensuring that the dress doesn’t overshadow her.

At LAX, December 2011


Elle’s casual look might look frumpy on someone with less style confidence, but she completely pulls it off. She looks just like a 1970s teen in oversized glasses, a blue blouse, and brown pants and boots.

At the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, January 2012

Elle Fanning

Talk about a flower child! Elle claims her rightful place as queen of the cool boho girls in this floral frock.

In L.A., June 2012

Elle Fanning

Elle may do the 1970s thing a lot, but she sure does it well. She looks like the long-lost sister of The Virgin Suicides’ Lisbons.

At the Costume Institute Gala, May 2013

Elle Fanning

If a gorgeous teenager can’t pull of crazy-coloured eyeshadow, none of us can. Luckily, Elle looks totally amazing in this picture. From her tie-dyed dress to her fantastic makeup, she looks like a complete rock star.

At Paris Fashion Week, March 2014

Elle Fanning

This might be our favourite look on the list. Elle looks like a mod sixties schoolgirl in pastels. Lots of girls would be hesitant to pair floral shoes with a checkered outfit, but she proves it’s a fashion gamble worth taking.

In New York, May 2014

Elle Fanning

Head-to-toe pink and white stripes? The concept may sound crazy, but by choosing pieces with a simple, structured silhouette, Elle makes it wearable.

At the Japan premiere of Maleficent, June 2014

Elle Fanning

Elle played Sleeping Beauty in the Disney hit Maleficent, and she went full-on Disney princess for its Japan premiere. The fact that she pulls off this dress so well proves that Aurora is a role she was born to play.

Nothing says Elle Fanning (or on-trend) as well as a great 1970s-inspired piece. Try our totally boho Adriana Top in White.

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