Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Stone

What is it about stars named Emma and their amazing fashion sense? Whether she has a red mane or flaxen tresses, Emma Stone always knows how to dress for her colouring. She follows trends, but she’s no fashion victim. And this girl can rock a red carpet like no one else!

We combed through seven years of photos to find Emma’s 10 best looks of all time:

At a Hollywood premiere, May 2008

Emma Stone

Way back in 2008, then-fledgling starlet Emma was already looking adorable on the red carpet. The subtle pattern and floaty material make this dress a win!

At a shopping event, September 2009

Emma Stone

We love that Emma was already taking fashion risks. This Gossip Girl-inspired frock might look costumey on someone else, but she nails it by pairing it with simple black pumps and pulled-back hair.

At the MTV Video Music Awards, September 2010

Emma Stone

Emma’s the quintessential good girl, so we love it when she lets her inner rocker chick out for the day. With a leather dress, black liner-rimmed eyes and slightly tousled hair, bad never looked so good.

At the Golden Globe Awards, January 2011

Emma Stone

Just a few months after the leather dress, Emma went completely in the opposite direction with this peachy, very Grace Kelly gown. It would make sense if the colour of this dress washed her out, but instead it makes her glow.

At Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, February 2012

Emma Stone

Emma’s style can veer in a very ladylike direction, and this is a perfect example. In this delicate white number, she looks like a fifties socialite at a garden party.

At the Berlinae International Film Festival, in Berlin, February 2013

Emma Stone

This might be our favourite look of the bunch. (Oh, who are we kidding? We love all of them!) She looks like a ray of sunshine in this golden orange dress. Her tangerine lips add an extra pop to the outfit.

At a photo call in Beijing, March 2014

Emma Stone

Emma is living proof that, despite what you may have heard, redheads look fantastic in red. She’s wearing the whole spectrum in a bright orangey-red shirt, true red pants and burgundy shoes.

In New York City, April 2014

Emma Stone

Nothing ups the glamour factor of an ordinary outfit like a floral coat. Try our Maggie Jacket in White for a similar ladylike look.

At a New York City premiere, July 2014

Emma Stone

This photo was taken almost a year ago, but this hippy-dippy dress is SO fall 2015! Boho has taken over the runways, so we can all expect to dress like this come autumn.

At the Oscars, February 2015

Emma Stone

We chose this as our favourite Oscar dress of 2015, and it’s pretty clear why. With its high neckline, all-over beading and leg slit, this dress looks like something a movie star would wear in the 1930s.

What better pick for the Emma Stone fans out there than our Emma Dress in White? This floral frock is youthful but elegant, just like Miss Stone’s red-carpet style.

Pink Martini Collection's Emma Dress in White

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