Woman Crush Wednesday: Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen sisters seem to have fashion in their genes. We’ve already spotlighted Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen’s senses of style, so we thought it was about time to hone in on Mary-Kate. The fashion designer and former child star may be pint-sized, but she’s got massive amounts of style. Known for her boho-chic look, she looks equally at home in casual street-style looks and gorgeous gowns.

Here are Mary Kate Olsen’s top 10 outfits ever

On MTV’s TRL, May 2004

Mary-Kate Olsen, May 2004

Teen Mary-Kate (she’s the one on the right) looks adorable and age-appropriate in ivory lace. More than 10 years later, this look would still be cool. (The extreme pointy-toed shoes should probably stay in 2004, though.)

At the Costume Institute Gala, May 2005

Mary-Kate Olsen, May 2005

This was around the beginning of MK’s bohemian phase. This timeless dress (she’s the one on the left) reminds us of our Greta Dress in White.

Pink Martini Collection Greta Dress in White

At Paris Fashion Week, October 2006

Mary-Kate Olsen, October 2006

Mary Kate (on the left) looks like a grunge princess! The ballgown and shawl could read as cheesy or inappropriate for a daytime event, but with the edition of the touque, boho necklace and heavy eye makeup, they’re elevated to cool status.

At a premiere, August 2007

Mary-Kate Olsen, August 2007

MK looks breezily beautiful. Talk about a boho babe! The flowing skirt makes the simple V-neck red-carpet appropriate, while the cross creates a focal point. On Mary-Kate’s petite body, the extremely low neckline looks cool, not sexualized. And we love that bohemian hair.

At a fashion show, February 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen, February 2008

In this all-black ensemble, Mary-Kate looks every inch the fashion insider she is. How cool are those half-dark glasses?

At the Metropolitan Opera Gala premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory, March 2011

Mary-Kate Olsen, March 2011

Mary-Kate (on the right) looks totally avant-guard in a long, sleeveless coat over a sheer dress, paired with sunglasses and a laidback braid.

At the CFDA Fashion Awards, July 2011

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, July 2011

A black dress could be boring – but not when you pair it with a statement-making gold jacket! This spangly topper screams “fashion savant” while simple accessories reel the look back in.

At the Costume Institute Gala, May 2013

Mary-Kate Olsen, May 2013

Mary-Kate looks like she should be strumming a guitar on a tour bus in the ’70s. The hair is totally hippie while the ornate, robe-like coat is simultaneously casual and luxe. Packaged together, this look makes her look like a total rockstar.

At a friend’s wedding, June 2014

Mary-Kate Olsen, June 2014

We wouldn’t want to be the bride at this wedding – MK steals the show in her gorgeous, vintage-inspired dress. Oversized pieces like this one only serve to make her look even tinier, in the best way possible; she looks like a little china doll.

At The Row’s spring 2015 fashion show, September 2014

Mary-Kate Olsen, September 2014

At her own line’s fashion show, Mary-Kate’s look is all business. With makeup-free (or basically makeup-free) face, tied-back hair and an all black outfit, she looks like the total boss-lady she is.

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