Would you rather: bridal shower dress edition

Who didn’t love playing “would you rather” as a kid? You’re given two equally appealing (or unappealing) options and you’re forced to choose one. To add a dose of fun to your wedding season, we thought we’d play the game with an oft-neglected item – the bridal shower dress. Bridal showers can be tricky to dress for, because they’re not exactly a casual occasion, but they’re usually held during the day, meaning you can’t exactly bust out a cocktail dress.

These bridal shower dresses are gorgeous, appropriate for the occasion and won’t do too much damage to your bank account.

Tide is High Dress in White, $86:

Pink Martini Collection Tide is High Dress in White

This retro dress is sweet enough for a bridal shower, while still showing a little bit of attitude. Depending on how you accessorize this fun frock, it could be anywhere on the spectrum from darling and demure to the perfect centrepiece to your punk pinup look. It’s dotted with tiny polka dots, with a preppy double-ribbon trim at the bottom.

Emmy Dress, $77:

Pink Martini Collection's Emmy Dress A/S

This modest frock is totally ladylike. Plus, it just screams summer! This dress is fashion forward, but still classic enough that when you look back on photos from the bridal shower 20 years later, you won’t be embarrassed by what you wore. It’s printed with gorgeous blue and yellow flowers, and it features a high neckline that’s balanced out by a flirty V-back.

Now it’s time for the moment of truth: Tell us, which would you rather wear?

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