Your complete guide to seventies clothing

Seventies clothing is SO trendy right now. You can’t read a fashion blog or walk through a hip neighbourhood anymore without laying eyes on a retro crop top or a pair of gauchos.  Here are the must-have styles you need to look like a 1970s girl.

Boho dresses:

The 1970s began at the height of the hippie movement. Flower children everywhere gravitated to loose-fitting bohemian styles. Look for retro dresses with long sleeves and a flowy fit, like the Anouk Dress in Black Floral.

Pink Martini Collection Anouk Dress in Black Floral

Peasant blouses:

As traditional ethnic looks became more popular in the 1970s, peasant blouses began to surge in popularity. Our Erica Top in Off-White is a vintage-inspired peasant blouse, complete with gorgeous embroidery.

Pink Martini Collection Erica Top in Off-White

Denim shirts

Fashionable seventies girls were all about the denim, from their bell-bottom jeans up to their faded denim shirts. Our Joanna Shirt in Blue has just the right amount of fading for that classic 1970s look, and it features a subtle, vintage looking floral print for a bit of extra flair.

Pink Martini Collection Joanna Shirt in Blue


These short, cropped pants were HUGELY popular in the early to mid 1970s. The Veronica Pants in Brown are the perfect retro, rusty shade. Check out how to wear gauchos in a vintage-inspired yet thoroughly modern way here.

Veronica Pants in Brown by Pink Martini Collection

Crop tops

Clothing became more revealing in the 1970s to compensate for the fact that it was generally quite loose. Thus, the crop top became a must-have piece. Emulate one of the coolest looks of the iconic decade with our Kat Crop Top in White.

Pink Martini Collection Kat Crop Top in White

A bohemian hairstyle

Sure, you could just top your 1970s-inspired outfit with a ponytail and call it a day, or you could try one of these easy bohemian hairstyles for a more authentically boho look.

Easy bohemian hairstyles

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