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PINK, GREEN, BLUE, LAVENDER HAIR! We’ve seen it all over the fashion scene…we’ve seen it all over Pinterest….but colouring your hair is a lot of commitment, not to mention the up keep is pricey! Our secret weapon: DIY Hair Chalk! We want to show you how to get the look (and change it up whenever you want!) at home!

What you need:

– Dry Pastels — available at any art supply store

– Cup of Water

Step 1:

Choose your dry pastel colour and dip it in the cup of water. This will make it a bit softer.

Step 2:

Hold a strip of your hair and with the other hand rub the wet pastel along your hair until you reach your desired hue and brightness. Let it dry and brush your hair out. The colour will last for 2 washes (it will fade after each one).

Hair Chalk 1

Helpful notes: Make sure your hair is dry, that way the colour will stick to you hair.

Apply a serum to your hair up to a day after to prevent it from getting too dry and scruffy. This will also lock the colour in for longer.

Hair Chalk 2


GO CRAZY!! We are super excited to play with every colour for the summer! Try it out and send us your picture…or tag us on social media #PMStyle #PinkMartini.

Can’t wait to see your creations! XOXO


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