DIY Henna

DIY Henna

Henna is an awesome way to show your creativity this spring/summer. It gives you the freedom to come up with any design you want, and since it last about 7-10 days, you can totally keep changing depending on your mood! Here is our DIY Henna, we hope you like it!

What you’ll need:

– Henna Powder

– Eucalyptus Oil

– Water

– Mixing Bowl

– Plastic Cone

– Lemon + Sugar Mix


Step One:

Mix the Henna powder, water, and a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your mixing bowl. Stir until it’s a creamy texture, and let it set for at least 4-5 hours. The longer you leave it to set the darker the colour becomes.


Step Two:

Fill the plastic cone with your Henna mixture. Make sure to squeeze the henna to the tip of the cone, because it will make it easier to draw smoothly. Use a pin or a small pair of scissors to pierce the cone depending on the thickness you want, and now you are ready to draw!

Henna 1

Tips for drawing:

Pick nature inspired patterns, such as feathers, flowers, or birds, to go for a boho look. Use dots, swirls, and flowing lines to connect your design.

henna 2

henna 3

Step Three:

When you are done with your creation, let the Henna dry and try to avoid any smudging. Mix lemon, water, and sugar and dab it on to your design when it’s about halfway dry. This will make your henna darker and help it last longer. When your design is all dry the Henna will flake off.

Think of the endless possibilities that you can create! Post your pictures on Twitter or Instagram with the #MyPinkMartiniDIY to show us all your creations!

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