Your Next Trip Should be To London!

Your Next Trip Should be To London!

Pink Martini Collection wants to share our thoughts of why you should at least once visit the ever long and dramatic culture of London England the royal city. So much to see and soo much to do than you can possibly remember if you visit the attractions that this city has to offer.  The fascination of people that live there, everywhere you go you’ll see people doing incredible things, everyone has a story to tell.


Known for its famous sites such as the Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye…the list goes on. Nothing is like the experience when you hop on the double decker bus and viewing the cool city from its top deck.


Take a trip on the party side, london people work hard but also play hard. There is anything any night owl could possibly want from classic pubs, to chic clubs, dive bars, theatres or dance bars, whatever it is, its a good chance you will have a blast.

street style

London is very popular in regards to the fashion industry and in fact probably one of the best street style places on earth.  While fashion can fade, style is always eternal, London and Vogue UK brings inspiration of fashionistas for you to seek. If you are intrigued from the streets of London, then put on your best effort and embrace your creativity with Pink Martini Collection.