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 Beauty Crazed in Canada


I could not help but take note of this proudly Canadian blog, that uses the catchy tag-line  “We Have Problems with Restraint”.  Named one of the Top Canadian Style Blogs by ElleCanada.com, self-proclaimed “Beauty Dictator” Lisamarie dishes the best of in the Canadian fashion industry as well as scoops out the hottest in beauty trends.

Seeing as the Pink Martini staff can relate 110% with having restraint problems too (ahem…when it comes to the PM Collection…) we just knew we had to get the dish from the most style-savvy of “Beauty Dictators” to provide you guys with (yet again) some fun industry insights!

Q & A Industry Insights

 1. What is your job title/role?

 I am offically the Beauty Dictator, Christelle is the Fashion Bitch but we overlap into each others areas of expertise as we have very different tastes.  This way our readers get a much broader range of info.  Christelle tends to lean towards the haute couture stuff and I like funkier, local labels.  That’s why you got me for this!

 2. How did you get involved in fashion?

 Purely out of interest, I expect it has something to do with having to wear crappy clothes when I was a kid that fashion is important to me now.

  3. Describe your personal style.

 Pretty casual.  I have a job where I can wear jeans every day so unless I am going to events, that’s what I wear.  For tops I like vintage tees with cashmere sweaters or funky hoodies – I sound like a high end skater girl! ;-) No running shoes though, I’m more of a ballet flat or funky boot girl! And I do love anything that sparkles!

  4. Favourites:

 Shoe Designer?

 So many shoes so little time, but I’ll stay local for this one – Toronto based Abel Muñoz is amazing!

 Coffee Shop

 I’m one of the few people in North America who doesn’t drink coffee!


 Old chick flicks like Steel Magnolias, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything – all of them from that era.


 I recently finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett – it was amazing, I’m a voracious reader!

  Day of the week

 Saturday, duh!

 Guilty Pleasure?  

 Reality television, put the words “Real Housewives” in front of any city and I’m there!

 5. Why do you love your job? Any ‘pet-peeves’ in the fashion industry?

 Writing about beautiful things is wonderful and it actually is almost as good as owning the things I write about so a big money saver! ;-) Pet-Peeve: that fashion people never eat so when you go to fashion events, there is never any real food!

  6. What inspires you/Who inspires you?

 Strong women, past and present – Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Anne Frank and my Grandma!

   7. If you could give our readers your top personal fashion tip-what would it be?

  Trends come and go – photographic evidence is forever! Oh, and panty lines are so unnecessary these days!

   8. What draws you to Pink Martini Collection as a label?

 Well of course I love that it’s local and Canadian and I love the cool vibe that the clothes have, a little vintage, casual and funky!

  9. If you could pick one outfit from Pink Martini Collection to compliment your wardrobe, what would it be?

 So many of the pieces in the line are totally my style, I love The Bohemia Top and The Audrey Dress is beautiful too!


Lisamarie (above) Beauty Dictator of BeautyCrazed.ca-named one of Canada‘s Top 8 Style Blogs by ElleCanada.com


Thank you Lisa! 


The Pink Martini

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  • Had the pleasure of meeting this fantastic woman last Sunday. She is amazing-words can not express (and no she didn’t pay me to say this). Follow her (but not to the point of stalking her)!

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