10 edgy hairstyles for future rock stars

So maybe perfect, preppy braids so aren’t your thing – at least not today. These edgy hairstyles are for girls who aren’t afraid to take fashion risks and be the centre of attention. All of them are easy enough for you to do on your own at home.

Messy Bun Mohawk (via Missy Sue):

Messy Bun Mohawk

This style looks super intense, but it’s basically just three messy buns – so easy anyone could do it!

The Come-Hither Front Twist (via xoVain):

The Come-Hither Front Twist

This pinup girl hairstyle is perfect for rockabilly babes, and you can do it in five minutes, leaving you more time for flirting up a storm with guys in bands.

The Amy Winehouse Half-Up Beehive (via The Freckled Fox):

The Amy Winehouse Half-Up Beehive

Amy Winehouse was the queen of edgy-girl glamour. Channel her superstar style with this voluminous bouffant. The best part? It requires absolutely no backcombing! Sweet!

Messy Waves for Short or Medium Hair (via The Wonder Forest):

Messy Waves for Short or Medium Hair

Messy waves are very much the rocker-girl style of today. Pair them with tight pants and a punk-rock attitude.

Partially Crimped Ponytail (via The Beauty Department):

Partially Crimped Pony

Crimped hair is SO eighties rocker. Randomly crimped sections throughout your hair show off your “too cool to obsess over every strand of hair” attitude.

The Pompadour (via Missy Sue):

The Pompadour

This style is edgy enough to show a little attitude, but restrained enough for your 9-5. As a bonus, it’ll keep your hair out of your face.

Red and Blue Braid (via xoVain):

Red and Blue Braid

With the help of two colours of hair chalk, you have a look that’s patriotic and punk. You could also substitute any two (or even three!) colours. We think pink, yellow and orange would be awesome.

Mohawk French Braid Updo (via Missy Sue):

Mohawk French Braid Updo

A French braid and two buns make for a rad faux-mohawk.

Pool Girl Hair (via The Beauty Department): 

Pool Girl Hair

This edgy, cornrow-inspired style actually helps protect and condition your hair while you’re in the swimming pool.

Posh Faux Hawk (via The Freckled Fox):

Posh Faux Hawk

This glamorous style probably looks the most mohawk-like of any of the fauxhawk tutorials we’ve seen online. Very punk rock!

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