10 great Halloween hair tutorials

10 great Halloween hair tutorials

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Why not start with the fun part? We’re talking about your hair! These festive Halloween hair tutorials are a great jumping-off point for some awesome costumes.

Rosie the Riveter (via The Freckled Fox):

Rosie the Riveter

This slight variation on Rosie’s classic ’do is a breeze to pull together.

Minnie Mouse (via Giselle Ugarte on YouTube):

You’ll be the Queen of Halloween with this look. You’re basically making Minnie’s ears out of your hair – so cool!

Medusa (via The Joy of Fashion):


Pinning rubber snakes to your hair for that Medusa look? Genius!

Princess Elsa (via Twist Me Pretty):

Princess Elsa

Who wouldn’t want to go as everyone’s favourite Disney princess? Bonus: Once you’ve mastered this Elsa braid, you’ll be able to wear your hair that way all the time!

Princess Leia (via taniathepirate on YouTube):

This video contains a whopping five different Princess Leia hair tutorials – perfect for die-hard Star Wars buffs.

Frida Kahlo (via Refinery29):

Frida Kahlo

A lot of the time when girls dress as Frida Kahlo, they focus so much on perfecting that eyebrow that they forget a major component – her intricately braided hair. Show those other Fridas at the Halloween party who’s boss!

The Queen of Hearts (via Adele Campbell on YouTube):

Yes, you really can get your hair to stay in a heart shape!

Pippi Longstocking (via Make):

Pippi Longstocking

The secret to achieving that gravity-defying hair? Hidden wire!

Flapper (via Cosmopolitan):


Fun fact: you can achieve the look of a bob without actually chopping your hair. Which is good, because who is that devoted to their Halloween costume?

Cinderella (via Kayley Melissa on YouTube):

Who knew that scoring an updo worthy of royalty was this easy?

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