How to get Hilary Duff hair

Hilary Duff’s hair game has always been on point. Whether you’re coveting the half-up pompadours she rocked in the mid 2000s, her recent foray into bright blue-green hair, or her even more recent grey hair, here’s how to score the Hilary Duff hair of your dreams.

The Duff Puff (circa 2000-something):

Hilary Duff

In her teen idol days, Hilary Duff practically singlehandedly propelled the half-up pompadour to top trend status. Known as the “Duff puff,” the style involves the front section of hair being pinned up over the top of the head, into a slight puff (think a way more subdued version of Snookie’s pouf!).

Bring the 2000s back by following this tutorial from Missy Sue.

How to get a Hilary Duff Puff

Mermaid Hair (circa March 2015):

Hilary Duff with blue hair

Hilary Duff’s aquamarine hair phase may have been short lived, but it sure made a big impact! While scoring perfect blue-green tresses isn’t as easy as just slapping on some Manic Panic (we wish!), you can totally do it yourself.

This tutorial from xoJane on dying your hair bright colours will answer all of your questions. It’s written by a total veteran at the bright hair thing, and includes great tips like rinsing your hair with vinegar (seriously).

Going Grey (circa April 2015):

Hilary Duff with grey hair

After dying her hair blue and then pink in rapid succession, Hilary Duff chilled out with cool, multi-toned grey locks.

This amazing Buzzfeed article walks you through the steps you’ll go through in dying your hair grey, how much it will cost at the salon, and how to do it yourself. It even includes steps for caring for your new granny hair!

How to dye your hair grey

Whether your tresses are blonde, blue-green or even grey, they’ll look great in one of these bohemian hairstyles. Complete the look with our Rock the Casbah Dress.

Pink Martini Collection Rock the Casbah Dress

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