10 easy New Year’s Eve beauty tutorials

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. If you haven’t already figured out what hairstyle and makeup you want to have when you’re ringing in 2016, now’s the time. These easy New Year’s Eve beauty tutorials are super straightforward and easy to follow – and they’ll make you look completely gorgeous!

The Side V (via The Beauty Department):

This eye makeup look features a connected lashline and crease, giving you a total retro-glam look.

Half-Up Hairbow (via Missy Sue):

This style looks so intricate that no one will know it only took you a few minutes!

Perfect Rosy Cheeks (via Makeup.com):

Winter is THE time to rock perfectly pink cheeks. This tutorial is definitely worth incorporating into your NYE makeup look!

DIY Glitter Glue (via The Beauty Department):

Get that fussy loose glitter to stick to your eyelids while moisturizing the skin around your eyes at the same time.

Effortless Blowout (via Kassinka):

Skip the lines at the blowdry bar by blowing out your hair flawlessly, all on your own.

Taylor Swift Makeup (via Byrdie):

Tay’s signature ruby lips and winged eyeliner are perfect for adding some vintage flair to your NYE look.

Lash Strip Trick (via The Beauty Department):

It’s time to finally learn how to apply false lashes correctly! This cool trick is super-helpful for getting a flawless look, especially if you’re a beginner.

How to bake your makeup (via Makeup.com):

“Baking” your makeup is a pro technique for getting a perfect, crease-free finish every time – meaning you’ll look great in whatever crazy lighting the party circuit throws at you.

Festive Ponytail (via Kassinka):

This dramatic style features curls, a braid and even a little rosette – everything you need to stand out in a crowded club.

The Reverse Smoky Eye (via Byrdie):

This innovative take on the classic smoky eye is ideal for girls with hooded lids or monolids, or really anyone who wants to try something different.

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